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4 Wheel Laser Alignment - Why is it important?

Paynes of Hinckley takes great pride in being able to offer an all-round service when it comes to car and van maintenance. This includes our four-wheel laser alignment check, which makes sure that your vehicle's steering remains accurate and safe at all times and in all conditions. The benefits of the alignment check are extensive; you should make sure it is carried out annually with your regular servicing or every 12,000-15,000 miles.

Mis-alignment of tyres is a key reason for tyre wear and it is very easily avoided. Regular realignment can add thousands of miles of life to your tyres, saving you money along the way. It will also help to improve fuel economy figures as the rolling resistance is reduced, which will help you save money and benefit the environment by lowering your carbon emissions.

If you find that your car pulls to one side while you are meant to be travelling in a straight line, it might be because the wheels are not aligned properly and this can also affect the handling. To ensure safe, straight-line driving it is important to have your wheels realigned regularly.

The TRUE 4 Wheel Alignment Service from Paynes uses the Hunter Elite Alignment system, which is extremely accurate in assessing your vehicle's front and rear suspension geometry. We will provide you with custom printouts of the before and after results, so that you can see for yourself the adjustment that we have made.

If you have any questions about the wheel alignment service that we offer, fill in the enquiry form above. Alternatively you can give us a call or come and visit our service centre at a time that suits you.

What can I expect from a 4 Wheel Alignment?

  • A full 4 wheel measurement and diagnosis.
  • Presentation of a "Before" printout.
  • Problem areas will be highlighted to you the customer.
  • Any adjustments required will be discussed with you prior to being carried out.
  • After completion and "After" printout will be presented.

            Paynes of Hinckley are now equipped with the very latest in Laser 4 Wheel Alignment technology

            TRUE 4 Wheel Alignment

            We offer a TRUE 4 Wheel Alignment Service using the Hunter Elite Alignment system. As you can see from the pictures, this is a substantial piece of equipment and has a number of key advantages over the usual alignment centre equipment:

            • Improved accuracy
            • Full range of Front AND Rear suspension geometry checks - Camber - Castor - Toe - Ride Height - Thrust Alignment
            • Service by experienced technicians
            • Custom printouts of yoru before and after results